Contra on the transfer of Anton Getafe: “It will bring more youthful aggressiveness”

Cosmin Contra, AD Alcorcon coach, was surprised by his move to his former club Paul Anton, Getafe. 40-year-old coach believes that the transfer is a step forward, that player will quickly integrate and bring extra energy.

“The truth is I never knew reach Getafe. I have not given information, I did not even surprised transfer, I just saw the official announcement that he had signed the following year, with option to purchase. I think Anton can play at Getafe in the Spanish Segunda Liga. Can bring extra youthful, aggressive, team needs. He could not reach the captaincy, but brought him as defensive pivot, is a step forward for him, clearly Liga II of Spain has 10-12 teams that are fighting for promotion. It’s a balanced championship and played, “said Paul Anton Cons about him during the show Football Club.

“You can not take players from Romania”
Asked if he Radu Naum 3 million to transfer it on Hamrouni, Contra said that it has such a sum, and that Premier League players are not search in foreign championships. I did not 300,000, not to mention 3 million. Steaua gave him opportunities now behave as they behave, Romania can not take players that you do not know what happened to them, our club can not make transfers high. “In our country, 99% were completed transfers. We have 24 players, I was just 22, in my view, I have a balanced team. In recent years the team finished in the top seven teams now will fight again for promotion. The objective is to finish in the top six teams to fight for promotion to La Liga “concluded” Guriţă “.

The first confrontation in the King’s Cup
The first duel between Contra and the new lineup of Paul Anton appear very soon. 40-year coach will meet former band, Getafe in the King’s Cup on September 7. In the national championship, Getafe will receive the visit of AD Alcorcon only in step 13 on November 6.