Bet365 Ice Hockey Betting

Bet365 is the test winner in the big sports betting test and as such, has an excellent betting offer!

While it does not seem particularly surprising that the football-based bookmaker places a strong focus on football, you might think that hockey betting is not an issue for an English bookmaker.

But far from it – even in the field of ice hockey bets Bet365 convinced with all the advantages that the bookmaker has to offer in other sports.

Hockey is ranked in the sports menu on the Bet365 betting page ahead of football – but that’s obviously because the sports are listed alphabetically in the left sidebar. However, with a click on the link “ice hockey” it is immediately clear why the English bookmaker is at the top of most test reports.

The selection of different hockey bets is so big at Bet365 that you have to first orient yourself a little before you can see the major benefits of the betting provider.

Bet365 betting offer at a glance: unbeatable selection of hockey bets

In order to make the ice hockey betting program, which seems a bit confusing and unsorted at first glance, clearer, we have summarised  the selection of different countries and leagues that can be bet on at Bet365.  It is a random examination, the odds vary by nature.





DEL + 2. Liga

ca. 92-94 %


Nationalliga A + Nationalliga B

ca. 92-94 %



ca. 92 %

North America


ca. 94-95 %

Czech Republic


ca. 93 %


SM Liiga

ca. 93-95 %


Elite series + 1st league

ca. 92-94 %



ca. 93-95 %



ca. 92-93 %


Svenska Hockeyligan + Allsvenskan

ca. 93-95 %

Great Britain


ca. 92-93 %

In addition to the great variety of betting opportunities, the second major strength in the Bet365 ice hockey range is evident here as well – the level of betting odds reaches absolute highs in the international comparison. No league is offered with a payout below 92%, some betting offers reach odds of 95 percent.

In football betting with strong competition, this high payout may appear relatively normal – in hockey bets, in which the competition of the bookmakers is not yet as intense, the respective values of Bet365 are considered absolute top odds.

The games of the German DEL are estimated, for example, with odds of around 92 to 94 percent – this means that the bookmaker calculates with a theoretical profit margin of only 6 to 8 percent, the remaining portion of the wagers is paid out in the form of gains to the customers.

Extensive betting opportunities through numerous special bets

While the field of football betting has always been endowed with massive betting opportunities through numerous special bets, this area has been somewhat neglected in the ice hockey betting in the past. In addition to the bets on the game outcome there were only possible bets on the number of goals in the game.

Bet365 also sets new standards here. For example, there are more than 40 different betting options for every NHL game. As in football, you will also find numerous different goal bets, handicap bets, odds bets and a fine selection of bets on goals above / below. Instead of the usual half-time bets in football, in ice hockey there are bets on the three periods.

There are numerous, different betting options available, however they do not quite match the variety in football bets, but should still meet all the wishes of hockey betting fans.

The supreme discipline for ice hockey fans: live bets at Bet365

As much as the ice hockey bets at Bet365 have convinced us so far, the true supreme discipline in the field of ice hockey is the live betting at the British betting provider. Virtually all games that can be bet on in the regular hockey betting program are also available as a real-time bet for limitless live enjoyment.

So it also happens that on busy game days up to 100 different ice hockey matches appear in the live bet calendar of Bet365. Of course, this also includes all matches from the German-speaking area, ie the German DEL, the two Swiss leagues, National League A and National League B, as well as the Austrian EHL.

As usual with Bet365, the live betting in terms of betting variety outperforms the normal betting offer by another piece. If you want to track a hockey game in Bet365 real-time bets, you can often choose from over 100 different betting options throughout the entire season.

There are around 100 different types of bets available, including the Asian handicap bets, which are mainly known from the football field

Conclusion to the Bet365 ice hockey bets

Our overall test winner Bet365 also sets the tone when it comes to ice hockey betting. The mixture of the most extensive betting offer with numerous special bets, the extremely attractive odds level and the Bet365-typical perfect live bets bring the English bookmaker also in this category the clear test victory!